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Product Detailsextracted from Jumia.comDescriptionThis product AG CERA fights and manages more than 200 diseases.The AG Nutrition product AG CERA is a plants based food therapy. It is made fro...


Product Details

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This product AG CERA fights and manages more than 200 diseases.

The AG Nutrition product AG CERA is a plants based food therapy. 

It is made from powerful ingredients of fruits and vegetables. 

It's a product ahead of its time which uses stem cells and Nano technology  to manage, prevent or even address a disease or a health condition

 e.g. AG Cera can replace neurons damaged by the Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Alzheimer's Parkinson's disease or any other Neurological problems,

 AG Cera can help to produce Insulin that fights and manages people with diabetes  etc,

AG CERA has conquered the most dangerous diseases in the medical conditions which includes:

*Cancers of all types 

*Kidney failures*

Arthritis *

Parkinson disease 


Goitre & Thyroid problems





Blood pressure & High Cholesterol*


Brain damage*

Gastritis *


Sinus / 

Asthma /

 Pneumonia /



/ Dermatitis

 & Eczema

Improves Eye sight / Vision

And many more diseases that have seemed to not have been curable and not manageable

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Some advantages of using AG Cera food therapy are:⁴

1) AS you fight one disease or medical condition with AG Cera, you will be fighting all negative conditions in your body!! 

2)YOU will also look younger and have a healthier skin, healthier bones. A refreshed body system

3)YOU will also feel young and rejuvenated and have your mind and vision sharpened 

4) AG Nutrition is the best way of Managing and Fighting all Health Challenges the Natural way and it's really safe and affordable.

AG CERA food therapy*Restores*Rejuvenates*Replaces &*Replicateshuman body normal cells and increases the number of circulating Adult Stem cells in our body.

That's why it is called a miraculous product. 

Inspired by Nature and Realized by Science Time for Health Restoration the Natural Way.

Key Features

Benefits of AG CERA

*Anti cancer*Support bone and joint health *Support natural weight loss *Help lower blood sugar level *Increases insulin production*Improves cholesterol and triglyceride level thereby taking care of heart diseases*Help fight prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women*Help treat erectile dysfunctions *Help fightq, arthritis and joint pain*Help fight high and low  blood pressure etc.*A very powerful anti-aging supplement that makes you look younger and beautifies your skin within few days.*Boost fertility in men and women *Takes care of Asthma, pneumonia, sore throat and other issues related to breathing Takes care of pre/post menopausal syndrome. *Takes care of menstrual cramps. 

What’s in the box

A packet of AG Cera contains 14 sachets of 3000mg each. 



Main Material: Natural Extracts

From the Manufacturer: Direction for use:*Tear a sachet of AG Cera and pour the content under the tongue&nbsp;*Close the mouth and wait patiently for it to dissolve*Drink enough water (not chilled)&nbsp;Best taken on empty stomach and/or last thing at night.&nbsp;<br />

Production Country: Malaysia

Product Line: Churphy Stores

Weight (kg): 0.1

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